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Do you have HR challenges?

Nowadays, having the right workforce is one of the most crucial values. But it is also one of the biggest challenges for any company to find, acquire and keep ideal employees, regardless of qualifications.

Simply put: one of the defining elements of a company’s success is their workforce. Companies that want to grow and develop in the marketplace cannot afford not to address HR as a priority.

Unfortunately, only the largest organisations can afford their own HR department – with recruiting and training professionals.

We at HR Smart specialize in delivering a solution to EVERY human resource matter a company might face. What does it mean?

We locate and select the ideal employees, help develop the right organizational structure and even provide advice on payroll.

In short, we take care of all HR tasks, eliminating our clients’ every HR challenge, which is the biggest problem for SMEs and multis today.


Labour recruitment & intermediation

We find the perfect people for your business fast. Nowadays, it is not uncommon that companies need a large number of new employees within a very short period. With our unique methods, we can recruit up to hundreds of new employees per month for your business.
Also, we can outsource the right workforce from our staff, be it short or long term, whichever is prefered.

HR support for corporate expansion

You don’t know where to find new employees, how to recruit, select them or hire them, and ultimately how to train them? Well, that’s everything but not unusual.

With decades of experience behind us, our staff will help you with the whole process, or even better, we simply do it for you.

HR consulting

Recruitment, legal and accounting issues, training, etc. There are lots of questions you might face, especially during these turbulent times.

Whatever kind of practical HR problem you have, feel free to contact us.

HR controlling service

Are you sure you have the right people in every position? Would you like to optimize your company’s workforce needs? Want to see who is more efficient and who is less? All this belongs to the HR controlling.

One of the most important elements of any largly successful company is good HR strategy and controlling. Having this in place will result in having the right people for every task at the right cost.

Labor market analysis

Are you ready to expand or open a new site, but don’t know if there will be enough manpower? Or do you want to know what your company’s position is in the job market?

It is important to see exactly what the labour market implications are before important strategic steps are taken. We help you get prepared and answer all necessary questions before making any strategic decision.

INTERIM management services

Do you need a specialist from time to time? It is often necessary to have a trained, experienced staff member for a given project or during a transformation.

Due to the periodic nature of such a need, it does not make sense or possible to employ a permanent and experienced staff member. It’s much better to have a professional who periodically works for you for a particular project or task, but then with full commitment.

Employer branding

A purposeful business must engage in employer branding while it guarantees the possibility of working with the best colleagues who feel comfortable at the company resulting in a low fluctuation.

Having a great employer brand means, you don’t have to spend a truckload of money to have enough candidates knocking on your door. If, on the other hand, your employer brand is bad, you face huge extra cost at finding and retaining even the minimum required workforce.

Organizational HR health check

Being aware of the actual HR situation of your company is critical. As an employer, you need to know what the relationships are within your company, how satisfied your employees are, and how efficient the members of your organization operate. Knowing this is a must.

You also need to understand how and where you can intervene when needed, what are the points where an improvement is possible and would result in your employees achieving far better results and having a much better overall feeling about your company.



A special area of ​​HR is finding and hiring trained workers, especially when you need new staff quickly and in large numbers.

Traditional recruitment methods have lost their effectiveness, new methods must be used to reach up to hundreds of applicants. However, effective selection methods are also different from the usual ones.

Through our vast experience, we can recruit trained workers in almost unlimited numbers, even within a few weeks. In addition, we pre-qualify the candidates so that we only introduce those to our partners who are worth for tests and trials.



When selecting skilled staff we think for the long term. Since in most cases, the number of job openings for these positions is limited, instead of focusing on the number of applicants, we target quality candidates whom you can rely on in the long run.

Thanks to our unique recruitment methods, we can find and recruit experienced skilled employees for our partners extremely quickly, if required.



The selection process for leadership positions is one of the most difficult ones, as here the margin for error is minimal. Hiring the wrong executive could cause serious issues. This is why leadership recruitment processes are typically multi-step and more meticulous.

However, thoroughness pays off because the organizational integration of the new employee is also much faster. Not to mention that in the event of a wrong selection, the process restarts, causing a serious loss of time and money. Therefore, it is important to make a good decision first. We can help you find the right colleague right away.


1. We deliver results

When it comes to hiring, instead of talking we deliver results and fill you with a truckload of great candidates. It is no coincidence that we are happy to be only paid by success fee. That’s only possible since we are certain to bring results, thanks to our battle-trained and fine-tuned methods that operate like clockwork, each time.

2. Full support

Every task is different. At the same time, depending on the nature of the assignment, we try to take as many HR tasks as possible from the shoulders of our partners and deliver ready-made, easy-to-use and understandable solutions.

Our consulting and support or controlling services are not designed for a desk drawer. On the contrary, the goal is to be able to use it in practice as quickly as possible and to realize a financial profit from its effects.

3. An experienced and proven team

Our professionals come from different areas of HR with a proven successful background. We don’t understand such a broad area of ​​HR because we devote a little to everything. On the contrary.

We have a team where each field has an expert with an unquestionable professional background (meaning results) and knowledge in the given topic.

4. Speed – because time is money!

“When should we deliver? Yesterday would be best!” This is certainly not uncommon in Hungary and around the world. We are living in an age where speed is critical. That is why we know exactly that time is money and we do not have time to plan, negotiate, and have long meetings for weeks. If that’s how you operate, you may not be the ideal partner for us.

We like to move things forward and it is completely common for us to bring results in hours but certainly within a maximum of days.

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